Print Publication

Active Citizens Annual Report

Print format, PDF, and online, 2013 https://www.britishc ... ng-society

I was a lead contributor of content in this publication, assessing one of the British Council's most important projects. My feature articles were also published on the dedicated project website, in longer form.


Arts Calendar issue 3

Print format and PDF online, 2012

I wrote, edited and produced this popular and cleverly designed (especially in print form) quarterly calendar, also available for download as a PDF online and distributed worldwide.


Our Work in Literature

Print format and PDF online, 2010

I commissioned, wrote and produced this booklet showcasing the British Council Literature department's work around the world, for distribution worldwide.


Web Article

The Uncommercial Traveller

British Council Arts pages, 2012

Written to promote and explain a centrepiece Arts project at the British Council in 2012.


The Flyover Show

British Council Arts pages, 2012

Written to promote a much anticipated music project for the Music team in 2012.


Web and Print Article

Dinard Film Festival

British Council website Film Department pages and Dinard Festival brochure, 2008

A longer-form 'reportage' piece about the British Council's involvement at Dinard Film Festival.


Website Content

TfL Digital Blog

2013 - 2014 http://blog.tfl.gov.uk/

I commissioned, edited, posted, moderated and wrote updates when this blog was in its early stages.

Edinburgh World Writers Conference website

2012 - 2013 http://www.edinburghworldwritersconference.org/

I supplied content, edited, produced, posted and site managed this site for the year it was actively promoting the Conference (in 15 countries worldwide).

British Council Film website

2007 - 2012 http://film.britishcouncil.org/

I project-managed the full redesign of this site (2011) as well as contributing, commissioning, rethinking the design and archives, and editing content.